Download Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] + English Patch + Tutorial

    Yo Minna-sama, welcome back !!!! yosh as u know i never posted any single post in english before, so this is my 1st post, please enjoy it....(wat ???)

   Is there anybody here who love the Fate/stay night,or Fate/stay night [unlimited blade works] or even fate zero anime series ? umm i think all of you already watched those anime,btw do you satisfied already with those story ? umm i'm not !!, did u recognize the timeline and story between Fate/Stay Night with Fate/Stay Night [unlimited blade works] ?? both of them had a diffrent story based on the heroine for example in Fate/Stay Night Shirou could create Saber's sccabbard, Avalon but in the [unlimited blade work] shirou could project Unlimited Blade Works (umm did i just spoil someone??? uuh sorry). Nah there's one more route, but i don't wanna spoil anyone again here ; p

    I think fate series had so many mistery that burried deep down, The anime only show u the main story not the whole story.So now i'm gonna give you the download links to download the Fate/Stay Night VN.Cause it contains so many event that haven't being animated yet.

Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] Link : Kumpul Bagi (6 GB)
English Patch + Full Patch : Google Drive (1,2 GB)
English Patch Only :  Google Drive (31 MB)

Patch Tutorial :

  1. Download Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] and the patch also,either the 1,2 GB patch or 31 MB patch.
  2. Make 1 central folder, u could named it anything 
  3. Extract the Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua].rar (pass : file into the folder u've made before,and rename all the file and folder untill it has no "/" character in the folder/files name cause it'll make your game error (look at the picture bellow)

  4. Place the crack into their respective route (-fate- crack into fate route,-Unlimited Blade Works- into Unlimited Blade Works route,and the -Heaven's Feel- Crack into Heaven's feel route.) so if you wanna play the VN u must open the crack file,not the original one.
  5. Extract the English patch rar and cut the "faterealtanua_savedata" folder into your "my document" if there already exist the same folder the replace the original one with the new one from the patch.
  6. If you using the 1,2 GB patch copy all the .xp3 from each patch folder into the "faterealtanua_savedata" folder in my document. Remember only the .xp3 file, not the folder so there will be no sub folder in the "faterealtanua_savedata" folder,
  7. Last open the game using the crack, i suugested u to play the fate route first,then the unlimited blade works,and the last one heaven's feel,so enjoy the game.

  Umm,i think that's all hope u'll enjoy my post,sorry about my bad english cause u know i'm just a.....
yu no lah ! ok See ya !!!!



  1. What is The Rar password for the crack?

  2. Untuk yang english patch only cuma patch untuk dialognya,gak ada vita OP, H-scene dll,

  3. bro ini udah ke eroge? apa vn biasa?

    1. realta nua nya enggak eroge
      man game ini udah ver. complete nya
      semua nya ada especially "eroge"

  4. có bài tiếng việt k man engrisk như này e gg